Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yawgoog 7/3-10/2011

When we arrived, we checked in and lugged our gear down to the site and settled into our new tents. Hotdogs from the campfire were the Sunday night dinner. On Monday morning we had pancakes and cereal for breakfast, then the troop picture and the swim test. After lunch, hotdogs again this time from the dining hall, we went to the afternoon merit badge classes, had dinner, and went to bed. Monday we had breakfast, merit badges, lunch, merit badges, dinner, and then something special for the fourth of July. Camp had a special show for the fourth of July. Tuesday-Friday were similar except Thursday was the mile swim and there was one show on Friday. There were five scouts that participated in the mile swim, four from our troop- Courty, Morgan, Jesse, and Nick. Everyone finished and it was fun. On Friday, scouts in the troop in communications merit badge class held a troop campfire with skits jokes and more. On Saturday, the last merit badge class day, there was only morning classes and all merit badges closed at noon. Our troop went on a five mile hike after lunch and then there was a camp wide Saturday night show. Finally, Sunday was the last day of camp. All that happened then was tent clean outs, breakfast, religious services, and WE WENT HOME!!!!!! Yawgoog was a great time again and I plan on going again next year.
Eric Weidman

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