Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Pecoraro, Matt and Emily Pecoraro,
Derek Malinowski,
Dr. Casinelli, Adam and Domenic Casinelli,
Greg Laird,
Mike Mayor,
Alex Gemmell,
Mr. Carroll and James Carroll,
Andrew McCloskey,
Mrs. Jagielski and Alex Jagielski,
Nate Braccio,
Mike and Kristen Ficorilli,
Mr. Heinemann and Mike Heinemann,
Mr. Clark, Adam and Taylor Clark,
Henry Aery,
and Will Ferrall.
The things we did were move a bridge, move a tree, put in a water stand, made a connection between two trails, went over some trail markers, and put down logs on a trail to prevent erosion.  The work was hard, but we all had fun.  Thank-you to all that helped out.  We did a good thing to help our community.
  By: Andrew

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