Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mt. Algo
11/4: We drove for about two hours to the north-western part of CT.  Once there, we put on our day packs and ascended the ledges. This was a perfect day and it was an easy hike. There were a few scenic places and overlooks where the majority of the scouts and adults stopped to look and take pictures. At one place, most of the group stopped to hear the cows moo! This ticked off the lead hikers immensely. The hike was approximately five miles long and took only a few hours to finish. On the last part of the trail, we passed through a pasture where cows were grazing. When we reached the cars, we took off our daypacks and transferred them to our backpacks. Then we hiked 800ft. upwards to our campsite. There was one lean-to which the senior patrol slept in. Some other hikers slept in that area also.
11/5: Some of the senior patrol members played "sleeping bag sumo". Then the younger scouts tried to join in but stood no chance against the champion Greg Laird. So we broke camp and drove back to Guilford.
Domenic Casinelli
Troop Scribe

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