Tuesday, August 27, 2013

      Camp Sikorsky 9/28-30/07
 Friday, 9/28: The interesting fact about this camp is that many different types of scouts (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc…) from all over the state attend it. Anyway, most of the scouts arrived on this day. They pitched camp, ate supper, relaxed, and talked well into the night.
 Saturday, 9/29: Troop 474's scouts numbered five, as the rest came.  After breakfast, all the scouts attending the camp were led on a factory tour of Sikorsky and saw a variety of planes, helicopters, and the computers used designed them. When this was completed, they attended two merit badge classes of their choice, lunch, and then one additional merit badge class. In the evening, a helicopter flew circles around the campsite, bringing an exciting conclusion to the day.   
Sunday, 9/30: As always, before the scouts went back home, Sikorsky led them on one additional factory tour that gave them a more detailed perspective of Sikorsky.
Domenic Casinelli
Troop Scribe
Domenic Casinelli

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