Tuesday, August 27, 2013


            Yawgoog this year began on Sunday July 7th, and ended Sunday July 14th.  On the first night, we had to provide our dinner, and instead of the usual hotdogs on the fire, we had meatball grinders. 
            Monday began with breakfast, then the usual first day routine of photos, swim tests.  We then had lunch followed by waterfront orientation.  This orientation introduces first-time scouts to the procedures at the waterfront and reminds returning scouts of the rules.  Shortly after that, we had our first merit badge classes.  The afternoon classes begin on Monday and end Friday, whereas the morning classes begin Tuesday and end Friday or sometimes Saturday.  Then there was dinner and we went to bed.
            Tuesday was the first day of morning classes.  We continued afternoon classes, and began the daily routine, which continued for the rest of the week.   
            This year, the troop’s spin-off of Minute-to-win-it, a.k.a. Wood duck Games, continued.  Teams of three were assembled at the beginning of the week, and stayed together for the rest of the nights.  Each night, there would be three surprise games, one per each team member, and points would be appropriately awarded to each team. 
            Also continued this year was the chain mail tradition.  With two pairs of pliers and some metal rings, scouts have created anything from necklaces to neckties to headdresses to gloves to full vests. 
            In contrast to last year’s high participation, the mile-swim was less populated by our troop this year.  More people are encouraged to participate in this fun event next year.

Eric Weidman

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